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  • Employee Attendance

    Employee Attendance

    Discipline is the fundamental of any organisation especially those who are into direct selling. Peri ensures that your entire workforce including frontliners and managers report their respective attendance everyday on a particular time. And that the roster for all working and non-working days in a month (28, 29, 30 or 31 days depending on the…

  • Employee Master

    Employee Master

    People are at the centre of Peri CRM’s philosophy. The entire product has been designed keeping in mind the employees of an organisation especially the frontliners who are the drivers of any CRM and often the most neglected. Ask us to translate your human resource processes and policies (either handled manually or through a HRMS…

  • Organisation Hierarchy

    Organisation Hierarchy

    Modern organisations follow a complex hierarchy with interconnected functions, solid and dotted line reporting, approval and authorisation matrices and joint deliverables. Which is why its important for a CRM to map an organisation’s hierarchy. Peri does that with ease, giving organisations capabilities to map line managers to operations employees (like a frontliner) and dotted line…