Category: Sales Automation

  • Distribution Management System (DMS)

    Distribution Management System (DMS)

    It’s a known fact that Supply chain is the backbone of a FMCG company, which ensures that the goods produced in a factory are received, stored and then distributed to the customers in the right condition, at company’s recommended price, schemes and at the right time. Typically the supplier master of a company resides in…

  • General Trade

    General Trade

    The entire CRM ecosystem revolves around Customers and maintaining customer master data is perhaps the most important job of a CRM. Peri CRM manages customers through these two broad classifications: [su_list icon="icon: none" indent="5"] Business-to-Business (B2B): Customers which buy from an organisation but not directly sell to the end consumer. Example could be white-label importers…

  • Van Sales

    Van Sales

    Picture this, its 5am of a summer month and a fleet of company vans is standing right outside a warehouse (or depot as it is commonly called). The depot supervisor is carrying a printed copy of  today’s dispatch plan (combination of SKU and quantity) for each van shared by the sales manager of a region…