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Biscuits and Cookies

India’s Largest Packaged Food Product The word biscuit comes from the Latin word, “bis coctus,” which means twice baked. Biscuits have been baked for over thousands of years. Today, biscuit is a mass consumer product, hygienically packaged and made available at very competitive prices in different tastes across India. 65% of India’s biscuit production (totalling

Packaged Edible Oil

The Backbone of Indian Cuisine Packaged Edible Oils have been the backbone of Indian cooking for more than 80 years now and have come a long way since the launch of first hydrogenated vegetable oil “Dalda” in 1937 by Hindustan Unilever. Traditionally, Indian families relied on two types of non-packaged edible oils “vegetable oil” obtained


Oldest and Most Revered Cooking Oil Ghee is the oldest and most respected oil in the history of Indian cooking and directly correlates to the ayurvedic traditions of the country. The golden elixir has been produced, consumed and applied in India for thousands of years as a by product of milk reared from various animals