FMCG Related FAQs

  • When does FMCG companies typically introduce a SFA?

    When you are expanding in terms of Geography, Sales Reps, Distributors and Retailers, its advisable to introduce a Sales force automation (SFA) software in your organisation.

    Few trigger points being:

    1. Sales headcount of 25 or more
    2. Distribution in more than one Indian states
    3. Post Accounting Software implementation (e.g. Tally, Marg, or Busy)
    4. Post ERP implementation (e.g. SAP, Microsoft NAV or Oracle)
    5. Post HRMS implementation (e.g. Zing HR, PeopleStrong or Zoho)
  • Does SFA require a highly skilled workforce?

    Implementing traditional SFAs does require your workforce to have some knowledge and experience with technology to be able to use it in their daily lives.

    Peri however, is different. To use Peri CRM, it isn’t mandatory for someone to have great amounts of formal education or training with technology. Peri CRM is designed to discipline your sales force and improve their productivity.

  • What all areas a FMCG SFA will touch?

    FMCG SFA’s biggest area of influence is Master data management (MDM) which broadly covers:

    1. Product or SKU master
    2. Employee master
    3. Distributor and stockiest master
    4. Retailer master if available
    5. Pricing and schemes master
    6. and few more depending on the functionalites you have chosen
  • Who all will use SFA and to what extent?

    There are 3 different user types in a FMCG SFA namely:

    1. Frontliners or Field Representatives
    2. Sales officers
    3. Sales managers
  • What all is part of Master Data in Peri CRM?

    FMCG SFA’s biggest area of influence is Master data management (MDM) which broadly covers:

    1. Product or SKU master
    2. Employee master
    3. Distributor and stockiest master
    4. Retailer master if available
    5. Pricing and schemes master
    6. and few more depending on the functionalites you have chosen

Unhappy Customer FAQs

  • How long will it take to fully implement Peri CRM in a FMCG Company?

    You can expect Peri to be implemented company-wide in a matter of days, not weeks or months. You can start deriving business value with tracking and Analytics from the very first day of implementing Peri in your company.

    However, to be fully implemented with proper training, you can expect Peri to be used in your company within the first month.

  • Can I transfer data from an existing CRM to Peri CRM?

    Of course! Peri is designed such that anyone can start using it ASAP. If you have your outlet universe and your employee details digitized, Peri will help you import all your data seamlessly.

  • Do I need an additional team if I switch from another CRM to Peri CRM?

    You DO NOT need an extra team specially dedicated to Peri. In the initial month however, there would be a lot of training sessions. So, it might be a good idea to get a trainer.

    But, your company does not require any additional teams as Peri is very intuitive, user-friendly, and fun to use.

  • What additional features does Peri CRM offer as compared to other CRMs in the market?

    Along with the basic features of any CRM such as: –

    1. Employee Management
    2. Product Management
    3. Customer Management
    4. Order Management
    5. Target Management
    6. Stock Management

    Peri offers other modules specially designed for the Indian market. Modules such as: –

    1. Automated Beat Creation
    2. Shelf Management
    3. Employee Reimbursements
    4. Employee Attendance
    5. Interactions Management
    6. Business Analytics and Reporting
  • How does Peri CRM help in terms of support to switch from an existing SFA application?

    Peri makes switching from an existing CRM to Peri CRM a hassle free process for your company. Instead of giving you a manual to read from, and giving you a customer support number, Peri assigns a dedicated manager for your company.

    The dedicated Peri manager is responsible for training your employees, making sure implementation is done correctly, and all queries are handled.

  • Is Peri CRM customizable according to my company needs?

    Peri CRM is designed specially for the Indian FMCG sector. If you are a FMCG brand in India, Peri will already have all the required features in it.

    However, if there are additional features that your company requires, Peri is flexible enough to include those features as per your company needs. You can even customize Peri according to your company needs.

  • Can I see the status / report(s) of my company at a glance in Peri CRM?

    Peri is equipped with world’s leading reporting and dashboarding platform to provide fine grain details of your company at a glance.

    Using state-of-the-art DIY reporting platform, you can slice and dice data according to your needs and see your entire company status on a single page.

  • Traditional CRMs are monotonous to look at. Does Peri CRM do anything to make it fun to use a CRM?

    Peri prides itself on the UI and UX of its CRM platform. Peri knew that the CRM would be used by frontliners throughout the day and there would be thousands of transactions in a day.

    Having a simple and friendly UI and UX is the core ingredient of Peri CRM. Hence, Peri isn’t just a boring screen to look at with lots of text, but has nice graphics for a fun experience.

  • What are some areas that Peri CRM helps frontliners with?

    Peri sees frontliners as the first beneficiary and the company as the second beneficiary. We aim to make the lives of frontliners and managing an entire sales team a simple task.

    To accomplish this, we have modules such as Attendance Alarms, Simple Reimbursements, Salary Process management and much more.

  • My employees work in varied network conditions. Will Peri work if there is no internet connectivity?

    Due to our on-field experience, Peri CRM knows that India is a country that has a lot of variability in terms of Geography, Culture, Network, Work Environments, Language, Income Levels, and so much more.

    Keeping all these factors in mind, Peri was created as a simple app which can be downloaded on any Android device. The app will easily work offline also and the sales rep can upload details as soon as the internet connectivity is available again.

Peri Related FAQs

  • How long will it take to replace my existing CRM with Peri CRM?

    Replacing an existing CRM is not an overnight job. To convert from an existing CRM to Peri CRM, it might take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. The transition depends on the nature and size of data captured in your previous CRM.

  • Is there a minimum number of users required to start using Peri CRM?

    Peri CRM works best when you have at least 25 Sales Reps, 1 Area Sales Manager, and a visibility in at least an entire state. To reap the maximum benefits of Peri CRM, it is recommended that you at least have the above criteria satisfied.

  • Which industry does Peri CRM cater to?

    Peri CRM has been created out of a sheer need for a robust automation tool for the FMCG sector in India. Therefore, if you are a FMCG brand in India, you are eligible to implement Peri mSFA in your company.

  • I have a Sales Force of 50 members. Will Peri CRM help me streamline my sales processes?

    Absolutely! The larger the sales force you have, the greater benefits you can extract from Peri CRM. A Sales Force of 50 or more people indicates that there are a lot of opportunities that you can grab with a mobile Sales Force Automation platform.

  • Can I manage my field force using free-to-use tools like Excel/Google maps?

    You can definitely manage your entire team using freely available tools such as Google Maps and Google Sheets. In fact, you can manage your entire company using only paper and pen. But, do you really want to do that?

    Enterprise wide solutions such as CRMs res designed specifically to make the process of management of your entire company as smooth as possible. Instead of opening hundreds of sheets of paper or sheets of Excel to find a specific information, you can just make a few taps in one app to find that information.

    In addition to the basic features provided by the free tools, you can take advantage of a lot more features such as Live Location tracking and reporting, Drill Down information research, automatic beat creation and so on.

  • Is there a functionality to get product feedback from retailers?

    One thing that Peri understands is that it is super important to treat your customers very well. To have a successful business, we need to have our eyes and ears on the field instead of on our computer screens.

    To accomplish this, Peri has a unique feature – “Market Surveys”. You can create custom surveys which need to be filled in by the Sales Rep on the field. This allows you to have a hawk’s-eye view of your company.

  • I have a lot of Sales Data recorded in Excel sheets. How can Peri leverage this data?

    Peri is integrated with the world’s leading Data Analytics and Reporting tool. Peri can help you visualize and analyze the data to create meaningful insights and derive business values from it.

    Many CRMs have lots of data coming in and they are collecting data at each junction. But, this data isn’t used to leverage market trends or generate insights. Peri enables you to make smart decisions to stay on top of your competitors.

  • What data points does Peri capture in the CRM?

    Peri CRM tries to capture only those data points that are highly relevant to the company. Whether it is attendance, reimbursements, employee location, employee interactions, surveys & feedback, joint-working details, outlet details, and everything else. This data is captured in the mSFA app and well organized and stored on the server for quicker access.

  • I have never used a CRM before. Is there a minimum requirement for using Peri CRM?

    Congratulations on taking the first step towards growing and scaling your company. Peri CRM is a Salesforce Automation Tool that allows you to automate most of the mundane and manual tasks for managing your sales team.

    To get the most out of a CRM, it is advisable to meet the following criteria. These are just guidelines and in no way strict rules. If you meet the following criterion, you should think about getting Peri CRM in your company.

    1. You have 25+ Sales Representatives in your company
    2. You are a Indian FMCG Company
    3. You have an office in Delhi/NCR region
    4. You have at least 2 states covered for sales
    5. You have at least 1 area manager
    6. Someone in your company has basic understanding of Excel/Reporting
    7. You have some experience in using at least an accounting software
  • What is Peri CRM and why would I need it?

    Peri CRM is a Salesforce Automation Tool that helps your company streamline sales processes ranging from managing your employees, all the way up to generating beautiful looking reports.

    Peri CRM automates most of the painstaking tasks of managing sales representatives and managers. This allows you to focus more on the decision making aspects of the company to grow it at a faster rate.