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What’s our Footprint in India?

India’s Tech Adoption is on the Rise

Since our inception in January 2019, Peri CRM has been steadily increasing its footprint in the Indian FMCG Sales and Distribution automation space based on the three fundamental pillars of the product. First is our understanding of the Indian Geography which is embedded in the application through population data from Census of India 2011 (for the 36 Indian states, 640 districts, 4917 sub-districts, 7000 plus towns and 2 lakhs plus villages) and automatic beat generation powered by Google Maps. Second is our on-ground understanding of the needs, personalities, and behavioural patterns of Indian Sales representatives of different age groups and ethnicities (the oldest sales rep we serve is 63 years old, and our reps speak more than 15 languages) to ensure smooth adoption and voluntary data capture out of joy and duty vis-à-vis out of compulsion or penalty-based enforcement. Third is our understanding of the FMCG business processes and the journey of goods from production till a retail shelf allowing us to create meaningful, impactful, and highly relevant features. Below are few metrics that we are proud about:


#Indian Cities






#Avg Daily Orders

Our Satisfied Customer Ecosystem

Peri CRM is trusted and endorsed by Indian FMCG companies of various shapes and sizes. On one hand, we serve a publicly listed Indian company that moved from a “sporadic automation and excel-driven” culture to an “end-to-end automation and data-driven” state in less than two years, with Peri playing a pivotal role in their IPO journey. On the other, we serve a child-nutrition start-up setting up robust business processes to support the accelerated business growth projected by their investors. Peri believes in creating a bond with our customers, owning their business problems rather than giving them a “one-size fits all” software and that automation should be directed towards specific goals like sales discipline, top line improvements, cost savings, and more. Below are few brands that are Peri enabled:

Why upgrade existing Sales & Distribution Platforms?

  • Indian SFA’s (Sales force automation) have Failed to Deliver
  • Majority of automations act as Black hole – loads of data going in, no insights coming out
  • Technology world has evolved, Indian tech platforms have remained mundane
  • Very high on data entry and administrative tasks
  • The Real customer i.e. the Frontliner has been totally ignored

What makes us different?

Tailor-Made Modules

Peri CRM is an end-to-end business process automation platform for Indian FMCG companies that supplements the ERP and traverses the journey of goods from production and storage facilities till retail shelves spread across the country leveraging a company’s sales and distribution channels. Peri is powered by highly scalable, intelligently designed and easy to adopt web and mobile platforms plus one of India’s topmost data visualisation platform i.e. Zoho Analytics.

All features mentioned below have been developed by our seasoned consultants after spending years automating and reengineering Indian, not western business processes. We take pride in our understanding of India’s diverse frontline ecosystem i.e. salesman, manager, distributors, retailers and all other support resources. And here’s our commitment to CXO’s and senior management of Indian FMCG companies – throw at us any business process poised in front of you either as a challenge or opportunity that requires digitization or enablement and we will give you a solution in Peri.

How we commit 100% utilisation?

Incredible UI and UX

Which FMCG Verticals We Serve?

From Manufacturing till the Retail shelf

Biscuits and Cookies

India’s Largest Packaged Food Product The word biscuit comes from the Latin word, “bis coctus,” which means twice baked. Biscuits have been baked for over thousands of years. Today, biscuit is a mass consumer product, hygienically packaged and made available at very competitive prices in different tastes across India. 65% of India’s biscuit production (totalling

Packaged Edible Oil

The Backbone of Indian Cuisine Packaged Edible Oils have been the backbone of Indian cooking for more than 80 years now and have come a long way since the launch of first hydrogenated vegetable oil “Dalda” in 1937 by Hindustan Unilever. Traditionally, Indian families relied on two types of non-packaged edible oils “vegetable oil” obtained


Oldest and Most Revered Cooking Oil Ghee is the oldest and most respected oil in the history of Indian cooking and directly correlates to the ayurvedic traditions of the country. The golden elixir has been produced, consumed and applied in India for thousands of years as a by product of milk reared from various animals

What Makes Us Unique?

Our passion to empower Sales users in India

India’s Most Affordable Automation Platform

Low entry-barrier Pricing

Starter Plan

Product Management

Pricing and Schemes

Depots,Suppliers Management

Retailer Management

Employee Management

Attendance,Leave Management

Automatic,Manual Beats

Sales Calls (TC),Orders (PC)

Top Industry Reports

Offline Working

Training on Smartphone

Ticket Based Support

INR 200/user/month 

Growth Plan

Everything in Starter Plan+

Distribution Management System (DMS)

Inventory Management

Custom Day-Start and Day-End Alarms

Surveys,Joint Working

Permanent Journey Planning (PJP)

Employee Claims Management

Order Invoice,Dispatch

Order Delivery Roster

Order Collections,Returns


Welcome SMS to Retailers

INR 300/user/month

Enterprise Plan

Everything in Growth Plan+

Targets and Incentives

Van Sales

Modern Trade Management

Daily,Monthly KPI’s

Advanced Reports,Dashboards

Analytics on Smartphone

Ticket,Call Based Support

Email Alerts,Notifications

Multi-level Approvals

*Data Migration Support

*Classroom Training

INR 400/user/month

Peri’s Leadership

Seasoned Professionals- Single Vision

Peri CRM is an amalgamation of curious brains –  conceptualised, design and developed after spending years with Indian FMCG industry understanding the automation goals, pain points, expectations of the people who matter the most – salespersons or frontliners, as we prefer calling them. The core team is an interesting mix of traits like creativity, farsightedness and market disruption on one hand and process-orientation, meticulous execution and customer-centric on the other hand. They are supported by a lean and talented team of developers, testers, implementation consultants and field supervisors. Functions like Sales, marketing, HR and admin are engaged part-time till the startup reaches a sizeable user-base.

Harsh Kohli


Co-Founder, CEO

Ravi Sapra


Co-Founder, Technology Advisor

Harinder Singh


Co-Founder, COO

Peri CRM’s Evolution


Gen-01 Catalyst Mobile App for Medical Devices Industry


Gen-02 DNA Mobile App for Telcom Services


Gen-03 Genesis of Peri Mobile App


Gen-04 Complete Revamp of Peri to its current form

What makes us Automation experts?

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